I feel deeply relaxed, serene....
"After sessions with June I feel deeply relaxed, serene, cared-for/pampered and rejuvenated. Pain from old injuries melts away, my body and mind flow together and I have a wonderful feeling of wholeness and well-being. She has an intuitive sense about what I need and customizes the work accordingly. June is a dear soul with a loving heart and gifted hands."

Laurie Howard
Certified Personal Trainer

Compassionate, life-changing bodywork.
"Sessions with Greg are nurturing and transformative. He is able to locate and bring relief to sore muscles while also supporting my healing on a soul level. I've never before experienced such conscious, compassionate, life-changing bodywork."

Tricia Rock, M.Ed.
Radiance Waterwork Educator & Facilitator

I feel deeply peaceful, open, free....
"After bodywork with June, I feel deeply peaceful, open, free and flowing. June's gentleness and loving presence is pervasive throughout the session. Her clear intention for authentic contact and service comes through each stroke and touch. June is able to meet me where I am and listen for my body's deeper needs, allowing me to experience a deep transformation within."

Suzanne Kilkus, LMFT
Marriage & Family Therapist

More connected with myself.
"After finishing a session with Greg I feel attended to, heard, seen, open, soft and more connected with myself. Greg listens closely to my requests and focuses on the muscles and areas that I ask him to address. The sensitivity and awareness he brings to his work increases my comfort as his client. I know I'm in safe hands with Greg."

Kathy Ginn, WCMT, NCTMB
Ethics Consultant/Educator
Member of Sub-Committee to NCB Ethics and Standards Committee

Filled with nurturing energy.
"I feel wonderful after receiving bodywork from June. My back gets the attention it needs and feels relaxed and alive. As a massage therapist, I'm aware of the quality of each of her strokes. She gives great attention to detail and her work is filled with nurturing energy."

Scott K Jordan, RMT, NCTMB
Massage Therapist & Bodyworker

Balanced and whole.
"Greg is a sensitive and respectful massage therapist. He listens to my needs, is intuitively present with my feelings and emotions, and is able to translate this into bodywork that leaves me feeling balanced and whole. Greg is able to hold a safe space for my healing of body, mind and spirit."

Ruthann Corrao MSSW, LCSW

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